Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Been Too Long!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. I was working as a preschool teacher for the past three years, so I decided to put my blog on hold for awhile. I am now exploring the idea of working from home. I've been selling things on ebay and am also working on building my tutoring business. I would like to be able to have a flexible schedule to accommodate my health and kids.

I have been struggling with my health for the past two weeks. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. They can rear their ugly heads at times. Sometimes I'm able to point to a specific activity or event that led to a flare, other times I don't know what caused it. Even when I know what may of caused it, I don't understand why it takes so long for me to get back on my feet sometimes. I went to an amusement park on Friday the 24th with my kids and husband. I had already been dealing with increased pain. I was undecided on to whether to go or not. I always have a hard time making decisions like that. I want to go to be with my family, but am not sure how much I'm going to pay for it afterwards. My son really wanted me to go. I knew if I stayed home I would feel depressed about not being with them. I ended up going and five days later am still effected by my choice. Should I of made a different choice? That's the thing about chronic illness. You don't always know what the best decision is. You just have to decide and hope it was the right one.

I hope everyone's summer is going well. Let me know some of the issues you deal with because of your illness. I am here to support you!!