Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Activities

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have not been feeling well. I thought with school being out moms could use some tips on how to keep kids occupied with fun activities. I know this is hard when our energy is limited and we face physical limitations as well. I found some helpful tips on summer activities that can be found at I hope you can use some of them.


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AmyK said...

Ahhh, the doldrums of summer await! Our children proclaiming "I'm bored" when there are endless amounts of things to do! I am taking my kids, who have a pretty large age gap, to a program at a nearby library tomorrow. There seem to be a lot of different programs offered for a wide variety of age groups at the libraries in our system, which I am grateful for. They may not all be at our nearest branch, but worth going a couple extra miles for a FREE activity!
Thanks for checking out the beginning of my new blog! I am inspired and look forward to learning more about myself and maybe touching others in the process.
I also checked your other blog out, looks like I will have lots of great reading to do; I won't be bored this summer! :)