Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Days

How has everyone's summer been going so far? Well I hope. Does the heat and humidity bother anyone else. I just feel like I'm dragging when I'm out in the heat. We were out of town this past weekend for my nephew's graduation party. I slept on a very hard mattress. My neck, back and shoulders are extremely tight. I also haven't been sleeping well. I'm not sure why. I treated myself to a massage with some birthday money I received. It's so expensive, but it always makes me feel a little bit better. My insurance will only pay for massage if it's an acute condition. I have been in a flare for about five days. When I'm in the middle of one I feel like it will never end. I have to make it a point to remind my self that "this too shall pass" I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and rearrange my priorities and to do list. All of a sudden certain things don't seem as important.

My son started basketball camp this week, so that has helped keep him occupied and allowed me to rest a little. My daughter is now a teenager as of this month. I can't believe it. She is pretty self reliable. I wish I could do more for them. I'm sure all mothers feel this way at times. I have to remind myself as long as I give them what I'm able ,while taking care of their mother at the same time, will be enough. God will make up for the rest.

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