Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Enjoying The Simple Things {While Living With A Chronic Illness}

When there are so many things that you can't do anymore do to a chronic illness, you really learn to appreciate the simple things in life.  A bird chirping, the warm rays of sunshine on your face, your child's laughter.

Life doesn't always have to be filled with big, grandiose things.  God made the little things for our pleasure too.  Chronic illness gives us the opportunity to enjoy and focus on these little things more.  Sometimes when my brain just won't focus because of extreme fatigue, I sit out on my deck in the swing that belonged to my grandparents and look around me.  Just looking at the mountains and sky makes me feel closer to God, reminding me that the world is much bigger than me.

So take the time to enjoy the small, sweet things of life.  We can get so busy when we are well that we miss them.  So look around you.  How many simple things will you enjoy today?


Kinsey said...

God bless you for sharing this. Pain will always change our perspective. Grace and mercy to you,

Kim said...

I've discovered this same thing during times of prolonged illness. God can make His presence known and felt in the smallest of things. He is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The little things add up to the whole of it. Timely reminder!

ToasterPoodle said...

Well said.
I know that the long and complicated things that I do to try to 'create memories' for my kids, are never as effective as the moments that 'just happen'

Anne Peterson said...

I believe it's the hard things we endure that help us to be grateful for everything else. After some tests I had done yielded good results, I had a newfound appreciation for just about everything. I don't want that to wane.

Thanks for your post.