Sunday, September 7, 2008


I know it's been way to long since I posted last. There's been many things going on. My family and I got home from vacation on August 30th. We were able to take a late vacation because the kids didn't have to start school until September 3rd. The only thing I didn't like about vacationing late was that as soon as we came home we had to get ready for school. There was know time to settle into being home again. I am not complaining though. We had a lovely vacation.

We went to Holland Michigan for the first time. My husband had been there before on business and said it was very pretty on Lake Michigan. There were sand dunes and lots of waves and a lighthouse. It was almost like being on the ocean. It was sooooo relaxing. Basically our biggest decisions were whether to eat potato chips or pretzels with lunch. Should we leave for the beach

at 9 or 10. Such decisions! I read for hours with my feet in the sand. The water was too cold to swim but the kids managed to brave the icy water. We rented an apartment above someone's beach house. Our room was surrounded by windows overlooking the lake. The kids shared the other bedroom. The apartment was smaller than expected but I actually liked it that way. We had no choice but to interact with our family. It was so nice. I'm trying to figure out how to bring back a little bit of the beach to our home. Now it's back to reality!!

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