Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter blessings

I went back home for Easter and visited my dad, sister, and stepmother. My dad is getting ready to retire and move into a much smaller home. They are trying to downsize as much as they can. They had a basement full of stuff that did not sell at the garage sale. I had great fun looking through the things they collected through the years. I even found some treasures to call my own. I think it's great fun turning someone else's cast offs into something new and useful or beautiful. My husband was quite thrilled that I came home with a van full of "new" stuff! My dad also gave me some old photos to go through and keep. Some of them were of me and my sister as children, my grandma as a little girl, my great grandparents, etc. I enjoyed sharing our heritage with my kids. Our last morning there my dad made them a breakfast called "Fit For A King" The kids had fun trying to guess what it was. My dad said his mom use to make it for him. it was a cinnamon dish constructed like a log cabin.

My ten year old son got to spend lots of quality one on one time with his grandpa playing basketball, throwing the football around, and reading stories that he had written. My daughter spent time with him too and also took great delight in playing with their cat. She said that she liked the fact that he had "attitude"! I had a surprise when I got home. My husband had stayed home for part of the weekend and painted the living room. I had picked out the paint awhile ago but we never got around to painting. It's a beautiful golden color. I love it! I'm so glad i got to relax with my family. It was just what I needed!

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sherrie said...

Aw, I'm so happily jealous! My mom died two years ago, after we moved in with her to take care of her during her last illness. It was so awesome to see her and my daughter spend so much time together -- I think it was precious to both of them, as it was to me, too.