Thursday, July 14, 2011

Got Sleep?

We tend to take sleep for granted when we are getting enough.  It's when we don't get enough that we remember just how vital it is.  It replenishes our muscles, helps our nervous system to work properly, is necessary for our physical performance and memory. 

The other night our air conditioner wasn't working.  It was registering 85 degrees in our house.  Needless to say I had trouble sleeping that night. My body is very sensitive to lack of sleep.  Even more so since I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  I can miss just a half hour of sleep and it usually effects me for the next few days.  I feel weak, sore from head to toe and have severe exhaustion.  If someone invented a pill for instant sleep I would be willing to pay big bucks for it!!

I try not to complain to my family, but it's hard not to mention it when I have a hard time doing even normal daily activities.  We are also getting ready to leave for a week at the beach.  I have things to do!  It's time like these that I take my to do list and weed it down to only immediate, important things.  Now that my children are twelve and fifteen I can enlist their help more.  My daughter did some laundry for me, washed dishes, and helped me clean the kitchen.  My son swept and folded laundry and is helping me pack.

I used to feel bad when asking them to help out, but then I remembered that they are a part of this family too.  There's nothing wrong with asking them to help out with preparing for our family vacation.  I hope and pray once I get to the beach and breathe in that ocean air, my body will relax and heal.  How do you handle getting ready for vacation when your physically limited?
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Dave Leach said...

Hi Tanya,
I just read your devotion you submitted to Rest Ministries. Even though I am a man, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I often struggle with the definition of my worth. Your devotion was bang on, precise and speaks to my own situation. I would like to encourage you to keep the faith as they say. I pray you continue to find rest in our Lord and that you experience that "peace that passes all understanding!"

Firmly in His Grip,
Dave Leach

Tanya said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. We do have to remember that we are worth more than we can imagine to God!