Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Got Gluten?

Right before I went on vacation my chiropractor suggested I go on a gluten free diet.  I decided to live it up on my vacation eating all the things I knew would soon be forbidden.  Bread is my all time favorite food, more than chocolate!  She thinks this may help my fibromyalgia.  Friday is the big day.  I've decided to start that day.

I'm trying to have a positive attitude.  I've tried so many different things that haven't amounted to much.  I need to do this though to see what happens.  She wants me to do it for at least two months.  The worst that can happen is a lose a few pounds.  I can handle that! 

My step-sister went on a gluten free diet for severe migraines.  Nothing was helping.  She was even at the Cleveland Clinic overnight.  She found out on the Internet that a gluten free diet might help.  She's been headache free ever since!  She was one of the lucky ones to have a found a cure so soon.

So off to the grocery store I go, armed with my list of acceptable foods.  I'm glad that most grocery stores now have a gluten free aisle.  Has anyone tried a gluten free diet for their illness?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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