Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm getting to ready to visit my mom in Michigan.  My two kids and I are actually riding the Megabus.  You can get tickets as low as $1 a person depending on how far in advance you book your trip.  I decided to take the bus because it's hard for me to drive long distances.  It's also a lot less money. 

I was a little concerned about the trip because I was just recently diagnosed with Factor V Leiden.  It just means I'm more susceptible to blog clots.  I knew I wouldn't be able to get up and walk around.   I'll be on the bus for almost six hours.  The doctor said I have to give myself an injection of a low dose of blood thinner on the day I leave and the day I get back.  At least I won't be worried about sitting for so long now.  I'm hoping I feel better  when I get to my mom's.  I've been in a lot more pain this week and feeling real tired.  I did get to go to my chiropractor yesterday and had a massage.  I always feel better after a massage.  I just wish it would last longer than a day.  I know I am one of the lucky ones that can afford a massage.  My husband actually got me a year's membership for Christmas.  What are some of the ways you make yourself feel temporarily better when dealing with your chronic illness?
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